First of all I will make a clone of myself so you can't kill me in my sleep. Every 2 months I wil get yet another clone so good luck finding me.  My clones will blow stuff up for me so don't get to close to one of them. My clones will become leaders of several different countries so they will be well protected. Eventually I will have a clone army which I will stash in Area 51 so they will be hard to find and gaurded by aliens. While everyone is distracted by the war my humans,robots,and aliens cause I will release my clone army into the world so good luck finding my secret base without getting blown up with by a clone. I will make a cyborg army in case my clones get killed and I will destroy the scientist(s) that knows the weakness of my cyborgs so good luck destroying them. I will also build a nuclear power plant so I won't run out of amo. I will let Ozzy join my army so I can harness his power of darkness.

The picture above is me taking Ozzy's dark powers.

 I'm invincible!
Also,the moat in front of my castle will be the home of the Loch Ness Monster and a Colassal Squid so you can't swim across. If you make it across that there will be 175 angry tigers waiting for you on land. After that you will run into Bigfoot. If you make past him you will have to make it past 300 pink plastic flamingos and 2 griffins. Then you can try and make your way past 3 aliens and 2 robots. But even if you do make it past all that the walls of my castle are COVERED in barbwire so good luck getting in. If you manage to get in my castle just look at the troops section to see what your up against. And each room has an angry tiger gaurding it,too.Hahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will also form an alliance with penguins who are angry at humans for global warming so they will destroy anyone who uses too much CO2!! The members of Megadeath will be executed,too because they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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