I've had straight A's for 3 years straight. 

I'm in the Gifted and Talented program.

I was in the school spelling bee for the past three years.

I've been to math field day two years in a row.

4 months ago when I purchased stocks my portfolio was worth $350. Since then,my stocks have done so well my portfolio is now worth $635.

In fifth grade;I went to All-county.

Here are my AR scores for the past 3 years I've participated:

Year 1: 85 points (i came nowhere near winning)

Year 2: 329 points (i won for the whole school. second place had 235 points.)

Year 3: 171 points (i won for the whole school. second place was Mariah with 169 points.)

I have made some pretty good potions which I will not post the recipes for in case one of allyssa's army members is reading this.

I got excepted into the ACC.(Apalachin Childrens Choir) And you have to be GOOD to get into that.


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