Step 1:Help people so they will support me later on.

Step 2:Act smart.

Step 3:Meet many people to gain power.

Step 4:Obtain a foolish but catchy nickname.

Step 5:Create a website to get people to help me.

Step 6:Find a way to remember everyone's name.

Step 7:Obtain blackmail against anyone that could foil my plans. Bribe people for help,too.

Step 8:Argue with opponents to learn their weakness.

Step 9:Obtain more blackmail.

Step 10:Obtain even more blackmail.Do some more bribing,too.

Step 11:Become president.

Step 12: Make virusees that destroy windows,and then bribe Bill Gates.

Step 13:Get robots in my army. A few aliens,too.

Step 14:Build a deathray.

Step 15:Form friendly alliances with other countries.

Step 16:Get control of Central America and it to influence countries around it.

Step 17:Use all of those countries to get smaller countries on my side.

Step 18:Get Africa and Europe on my side.

Step 19:Force all countries not yet on my side onto my side.

Step 20:Bribe the most powerful countries onto my side.

Step 21:Build military bases.

Step 22:Put people in charge.

Step 23:Infiltrate enemy countries.

Step 24:Teach an alien or robot mind control.

Step 25:Comnand army to attack enemies.

Step 26:Have a good image on the world.(so very hard)

Step 27:Accuse someon of trying to take over the world,fight them,and destroy them.

Step 28:Rule the world.

Step 29:Take over Mars.

Step 30:Take over Venus.

Step 31:Take over Neptune.

Step 32:Take over Jupiter.

Step 33:Take over Saturn.

Step 34:Take over Uranus.

Step 35:Take over Mecury.

Other:Before I do any of this I will need a small place to plot everything out. So,I will have to conquer the bathroom,a small part of the garage,and the computer room(so I can post plots to this website). Also,I will need to read The Art of War, The 48 Laws of Power,and Death Note vol.10. I will also need to get rid of Castro and take Cuba for myself sometime during my plan. Venezuela and Ethiopia may also be helpful. I will also start a civil war while I am president between the east and the west and I will help the west win. G.H.W.Bush and Castro are the only living people that ever tried to take over the world and by the time I put my plan into action G.H.W.Bush shouldn't be around and I've got special plans for Castro.

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