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Taking over the world sure is expensive!!:( 

For a complete and specific list go to:

(please note that all of these lists still aren't everything i need. some of the stuff i will need is not sold on amazon.)

Plus if anyone wants to get me some rotten tomatos to throw at allyssa...that's fine,too. :)

I have a good plan: We will need:

3,000 chicken nuggets

785 bottles of purple food coloring

a good size catapult

What we will do: Use the food coloring to color the chicken nuggets. We will let them sit over-night. Then,in the early morning we will track down Allyssa and her followers. We will then use the catapult to throw the chicken nuggets at Allyssa and her followers.(If you want to bring your own slingshot,that's fine,too.)


Also I need a LOT of WWE T-shirts!!! I just discovered a good use for them!

We also need:3 copies of the dangerous book for boys and 40 fuzzy dice.

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