*1-14-09:Nicholas,Colin,and I voted on if we should recruit Monty Python,and the majority of the votes came in as yes.  The score was 2-yes and 1-no.  If Monty refuses we will put a $700 bounty on him,so keep watching the bounties section!  Also we formed an alliance with Christian.  It was a very fun meeting!!  Oragami Swan joined our army.

*1-16-09:I advertised our website on one of my listamanias! at amazon.com.  We still have not set up a meeting date with Monty Python.:(

*1-18-09:I advertised our website on my bebo profile.

*1-20-09:For security purposes I have created a password that you will need to come to army meetings. Please send an email to btgermanlover@gmail.com asking me for the password.  We had an alliance leaders' meeting today in the cafeteria while the rest of the class was watching the inaugoration.  Man,christian and colin crack me up!

*1-21-09:Gave Allyssa chance to surrender...she declined which means we are still at war.

*1-24-09:I went through my records and did a member count.Counting myself we have 31 members which means we finally hit the 30 member mark,yay!!:)

*1-25-09:Met with the leader of the sheep army and I think we can work something out so look out Denmark;40,000 sheep coming your way!

Also our army needs 7000 snowmen for the artic region.


*1-26-09:As I was reading my plans I saw that Bill Gates would play a good part in our army with his money(why else would I want him in my army?). So I thought why don't we recruit more rich guys? So after good ole' Bill is taken care of I say we go after the president of Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*2-5-09:I have been doing research on two wonders of nature that could be of great help to us. The first is the Venus Fly Trap. They cost about $7 each. The second is the Domo-kun,better know as domo. My friend says they cost about $5 each. I would say we will need about 8,000 fly traps and I want to make a domo army so we will need 27,000 domos.

*2-11-09:Army member count update:Nicholas R.,Christian R.,and Mariah have formed a rebellion against me. Courtney and a dude who wishes to remain nameless have joined the army. So,let's do the math. 32-3=29+2=31. We still have 31 members. Monty Python accepted the offer to join but he still has paper work to fill out until he's an official member.

*2-17-09:Christian has requested him and I become friends again. So,I said yes under certain conditions which are listed below:

1:Christian rejoined my army and I have to treat him fairly.(but i don't see how i was unfair in the first place)

2:Christian quit Allyssa's army.

3:I take the bad stuff about Chris off my website.

4:Christian takes the bad stuff about me off his website.

All of this has already happened and I tell you all that Chris's website does not suck anymore. Except for one thing,on his website he says ''this is about my army me nick and Billy''. Just for the record Nick never joined my army again so Chris if you're reading this please fix it. Nick did quit Allyssa's army,though. So,now that Chris joined we now have 32 members.

*2-22-09:I've been doing some recruiting over the phone the past few days and now we have 44 members. That's a new record!!

*2-22-09:We now have 45 members.

*2-26-09:Army count:Human and other creatures-45members.Robot/Android/Cyborg-3.Total:48 members. For further information on my Robot/Android/Cyborg Army vist www.myrobotarmy.synthasite.com

*2-28-09:Army count-total:49 mebers.

*3-02-09:http://allyssasarmy.synthasite.com/ that's the name of allyssa's website and it's lies all LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will list the comments of her website by page and again,whatever allyssa says is a LIE! Got it?! Good.

Home: Am I evil? Yes. Am I a psycho like allyssa's website says? NOOOO!!!! I may be evil but I'm definetly sane. And allysssa's army is not cool. All they do chase me like they're a bunch of cats and I'm a mouse. And,boy,let me tell you,they are SLOW!! And will I use you to take over the world ? Yes,but I give you free junk food when you do a good job. Will I feed you to my hungry tigers like allyssa says? No!! If I fed you to the tigers than that would mean I just wasted my junk food on you!

The So-Called Evil-One:Yes I do sign my emails as the evil one most of the time. Allyssa needs to know a nickname is a nickname and nothing else! I am not the foolish one. Allyssa...she is definetly the foolish one!! As for the faries and unicorns comment...both of those creatures are not as graceful as we think they are. In matter of fact,faries live to reek havoc upon people!!! Again,I am NOT foolish,I am very intelligent and when I take over the world I won't turn you all into me. That would be boring!! And,I am NOT a dork. Dorks are WAY too dumb.

Bounties: I'm pretty sure Mariah quit my army today so you can take that bounty off,Allyssa. George H.W. Bush and Bill Gates are Mine!!!!!!!!!!! You hear me!!???!!

Shopping List: Allyssa's wasting her money simple as that. But check out my shoppin list!!!!

Overall,Allyssa's website and army sucks.

*3-3-09:Allyssa's made 2 new pages on her site. Remember everyone she is a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new Kind of Army:Allyssa,the 3rd graders are even slower than YOU!! Now,what I just said is a HUGE insult!!! As for your stupid cat army,if you knew anything you wouldn't use cats!!!! My domos are natural enemies with cats and will do anything to defeat them!!! If I set up my domos around the border of denmark than your cats won't get anywhere NEAR my sheep!!!

Billy's Army:Allyssa,I don't claim your army sucks,I KNOW your army sucks!!! I'm not only using clones&sheep!!! Look at the troops section of this site,PROOF!!!!! As for trust,put it this way,I'm a straight A student and allyssa's probably like a B student. I'm also in the gifted and talented program!! Is Allyssa? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think I have a better chance of knowing what's insane and what's sane! And if you still don't believe me;check my medical records!!!!! Again Allyssa even if sheep aren't as smart as a 4th grader they're smarter than you and you're 3rd graders!!

*3-4-09:Allyssa's read my reviews on her website and she's made some updates so I'll comment on them!

Home:Yeah,um,why would you put the junk food thing? I mean would you rather be fat or be eaten by tigers? If I were her I would have left it as it was. But,at least I'll give you a good excersise program if you eat too many of my snacks!!!!

Shopping List:She added mashed potatos and goats. The mashed potatos are probably to throw at me and the goats are probably to fight my sheep. It really doesn't worry me.

Billy's Army:I do not pause every half second to say uhhhhh!!!!!!! At lest I can speak on a fifth grade level of vocabulary,allyssa!!!!!!!!! That picture of me was from when I was 7 allyssa! OK. I'm going to say it right here right now! I am sorry i voted for George W. bush!!!!!! OK,happy now!!!!! You can my trust  face,nevertheless. As long as your my friend and not a scoundrel like allyssa!!! Allyssa,if you set up a meeting that would be like a shovel scoring 190 on an IQ test!!! It's just not possible and you need some new chase tactics. You're way to easy to escape! In other words,you're boring!!!!!!(I simplified the vocabulary for you allyssa) Technically,I do plan to get a tiger army,but not a house cat army!!! That's like something allyssa would do! A)if I did have a crush on madonna (who looks way better than allyssa) why would it make me loke like a crazed alien? Again,Allyssa doesn't make any sense!! Trust me. B)I do NOT have a crush on madonna I just listen to her music!! and C)Even if she is fifty she looks a lot better than allyssa.Just thought I'd tell you that,again.

So,Allyssa,just know I'm always checking your website and I'm always updating mine!

*3-5-09:Memebr Count:Total:50 members

*3-7-09:Member Count:Total:51 members

*3-8-09:I've met with the king of scissors. Hew as impressed with my army and therefore,he joined. So,now now we have 52 members. Sometime this week I'll be meeting with the king of rocks.

*3-10-09:First of all,Allyssa hasn't updated her site for 4 days now. Yay!! Second of all,I'll be doing an army comparison. Counting myself my army has 56 members!!! Allyssa's only has 15!! Pretty funny,isn't it?! Allyssa still thinks she can beat me!!! At leas tshe's persistant. :) 56 vs 15!!!!!

*3-10-09:Army Comparison Me:56 Allyssa:17. Allyssa stole Katelyn who WAS in my army but,the number hasn't changed  because I got a new member today. Allyssa also got her 21 year old cousin to join her army. Now,my oldest member is only 18 but he is as genius!! And anyone related to Allyssa must not be so bright! So,take that allyssa!! And,let me tell you I HATE CLOWNS!!!!! And Allyssa's little helper,Mariah,got a picture of my head with her cell phone today. Then,she pasted it to a clowns body!! I heard Allyssa and Mariah saying they're going to put it on Allyssa's website. So,now you know where the fake picture (if it DOES make it to the internet) came from.

*3-13-09:Army Comparison: Me:55 Allyssa:24. Allyssa thinks she can win bbecause she got 7 new members but she's wrong!! Good news,Mariah deleted the clown picture off her cell phone. Her excuse was "Some things just can't win." Speaking off allyssa's website,I would just like to say "Allyssa how is your website going to get you members when you don't have your email address on it?!" Also,Allyssa has a crush on the lead singer of the rolling stones.

*3-14-09:We need to gain some if not all control over the internet. E is the most commonly used letter in the english alphabet,right?! So,we must steal the E key off of every Americans keyboard. Therefore,we nobody can communicate over the internet!!  (obviously don't do this to yourself or the whole plan would be pointless!) We also need to build an Underground Secret HQ. If there is anyone willing to build it for us let me know,just send an email to btgermanlover@gmail.com and I've got a knew program I'm going to start. It's called Cookies for Members. Whenever someone joins they get free cookies,it's as simple as that!! so,remember I'm always looking for new members...and you'll get cookies! A plan concerning our future above-ground base has been formed in the dephs of my mind,too. I would like to have a base in germany and once we get that we will demolish the pyramids of egypt and use them to build a wall around germany. We also need more advertising! Any one that has a website,blog,or myspace add a link to this site to it,please!!! We currently have 55 members and I want 58 by Christmas. So,let's work hard to find 3 more people that are army material! I think we could also get power by bribing. Here's what I had in mind...We steal things that belong to important people and hide them near volcanoes. Then,we will tell them we can save their stuff if they give us their power. I say we try this on the prime minister of england and warren buffet. What items shall we steal,though? I think we should steal all the socks that the prime minister owns,but warren buffet's going to be hard. :( And,my army of lifeless objects is coming along pretty good! I've already got a rock and a pair of scisssors in it. Now I need to get some trees.

 *3-15-09:WE NEED MORE NINJAS!! If you would like to serve as a ninja for me please send an email saying so to btgermanlover@gmail.com Also I was thinking about getting a beaver army so they can build dams and flood places for us so if you have a beaver,I'll be willing to buy it off of you.(all beavers must be healthy) Also,I need to get a few snipers and some new torture devices.(like slingshots!) Oh,and I thought of something we could steal and hide from warren buffet. We could take...his dvd player!! At this point I really need to hit the books.

I think I'll start out with:

The Prince (Bantam Classics) (Way to go Machiavelli!!)

The Art of War (Shambhala Classics) (Obviously!!)

The 48 Laws of Power (I already have this one)

The 33 Strategies of War (by the same author of the 48 laws of power)

One more thing...I just read christians website and on the news bulletin it said the most wonderful thing!! Christian doesn't want to be friends with nick r. and I anymore!!! Yay! And appearantely christian likes taking my ideas because he thinks he's going to take over the world now!!! Mua-ha-ha-ha!! Oh,and christian trying to sell some comics that he made. Well,matthew bought one and he said it wasn't worth a cent!!

*3-16-09:Christian said he wanted us to be allies again. So,I said yes. Christian does not update his website too often so disregard anything about him hateing me or wanting to attack me,etc.

*3-17-09:OK,christian does update his website. Now,Christian and i aren't friends but I think we have an alliance. I also need to get a turantula army. And,I just read allyssa's website. I'm in no mood to explain anything so let me just say that allyssa's lying on her website and you would be much better on my side. Can you believe she stole my cookies idea?

*3-21-09:Go to allyssa's site. Click on cool stuff. You will see a box. Leave a piece of your mind in that box. Oh,and allyssa,if you're reading this,the grenade comment was left by the other guy that's not happy with you,not me.(but i wish i had wrote it) And,allyssa can delete your comment(s) so don't spend to much time on it. And on allyssa's website it says im jealous because she has a 21 year old in her army. That's a LIE!! (what else is new) I've never even met the 21 year old so how is she any threat to my army?

*3-25-09:I have good news about leaving comments on allyssa's website. She can't figure out how to delete them!!! Woohoo!! And on her shopping list it says mashed potatos. Well,those were just to eat,not to throw at me. But,she is going to get a potato gun and shoot regular potatos at me. But,that's ok because I'm prepared with rotten tomatos and purple chicken nuggets!!! Oh yeah!!! And,I've got a lot of new polls so be sure to vote in those! Army comparison: Me:56 Allyssa:27. Other than that not much has happened lately. Sorry I don't have anything else to put on here. :( Oh,wait,i just read Chris R.'s website and he still hasn't put that we're in an alliance. So let me just say that we ARE in alliance and we already have plans to make a turantula army. And he says I'm a mama's boy but I'm about as far a way from a mama's boy as you can get! Oh well.

*3-27-09:Thank god it's the weekend!!! My life this week has been h*ll. I'm behind on commenting on allyssa's website so here we go.

Bounties:Allyssa,I'm paying 26 cents for the frozen caveman now!!!

News Buletin:Allyssa makes fun of me for associating with younger children but here she is begging them to join her army!! And she says she has "top-secret" plans. Well,a reliable source says that they heard allyssa say this: "Billy sends all kinds of spies after me because he thinks I have a bunch of secret plans but I don't have plans;I just chase him!".....let that sink in. On the subject of trust it just proves that you should trust ME!! It also shows how allyssa really needs a life. And,SHE STOLE MY COOKIE IDEA!!!!

Billy's Army:I've already told you this but I do NOT pause every second when talking and say uhhh!!! But even if I did that would mean that she would be making fun of people who studur!! So,people who studur just know that allyssa hates you!!!! I mean what kind of person makes fun of peoples' medical problems!! I'll tell you who...SICKOS LIKE ALLYSSA!!!!

Announcements:Hey,allyssa 1)I don't mind some angry comments and half of the spam I get I don't even understand. 2)At least I have an email address,so I can actualy communicate with my members!!!

cool_Stuff:Be sure to leave allyssa some unkind feedback!!

Now that we've got that covered let's get on the subject of my army. I've made a plan to make Rockefeller loose his richness. It's a little thing I call a stock pick-off. For this we will need to hire warren buffet. Rockefeller and Buffet will both pick $500 dollars worth of stocks. Whoever's stocks are doing better in 2 weeks is the winner. And the loser gives half of the money that they own to the winner. And when buffet wins rockefeller won't be rich anymore!!

*3-29-09:Remember that member goal I set? I wanted 58 members by christmas of this year. Well yesterday I got my 58th member!!! We reached our goal REALLY early! So look at this army comparison: Me:58 Allyssa:27. That's a difference that I can live with! And there have been no updates made to allyssa's website. Also,Easter is coming up. I'm trying to think of something fun for the army members to do to celebrate Easter. Maybe we could have an annoy allyssa competion! :) Well,I'm bored. If I think of something else I'll post it on here later.

*3-30-09:Apearantely allyssa saw the book recommendations on my home page because she's been reading the Angel Experiment. Otherwise I don't have anything to say.

*4-1-09:Army Comparison: Me:59 Allyssa:27 Nothing's really been happening lately.

*4-2-09:Here's a little song nick r. and i wrote:

Pooh the pony's filled with glue

filled with glue

Pooh will make glue for you

Oh,how I feel so sorry for Pooh!!!

That song is dedicated to Mariah. (since she loves horses)

Let me explain,you can make glue out of horses and Mariah loves horses. Since today was mariah's birthday instead of singing happy birthday nick and I sang Pooh the Pony. And when the song finished nick said "Hey mariah,I lost my gluestick;can I borrow one of your horses?" LOL!!!!! It REALLY annoyed mariah! Now there's been some confusion over what new members get. Here's a list:

Money or Twinkies


and you can borrow my book "Inkheart" (it has a shiny cover!! SHINY!!!!!) for 2 days

So,join today!!!

*4-4-09: Army comparison: Me:58 Allyssa:28 I need to start doing a lot of reading so tell me about some good books on the subjects of world domination, psychology, and business. Send an email to btgermanlover@gmail.com if you know a good book on those subjects. (and don't state the obvious like the art of war or how to be a villain) And our blueprints for our base show everything going up, up,and up! We need something below! I say under the 1st floor we put secret tunnels somewhere under the floor and in case of evacuation those tunnels will lead to our underground base!! And I need to study up on Machiavelli and Science. So, email any webpages about Machiavelli or recent scientific advancements. Also let me know about any books that are informative on those to subjects. (again don't state the obvious like "The Prince" by Machiavelli.)

*4-5-09:We need to start targeting commmunications. Besides my idea of stealing the E key off of everyone's keyboard. I say we A)get some of our army members to work for communication companies or B)get some people that already work for a communication company to join our army. The communication companies that I had in mind are Google, Microsoft, Skype, and maybe AT & T. And allyssa hasn't updated her website for a while now! Weird huh? Hey,check out www.domo-kun.com it's cool.

*4-6-09:We have 59 members now,yay!!!! Allyssa still hasn't updated her site.

*4-21-09:Sorry I haven't updated for a while. First of all I would like to thank all the people that visited www.domo-kun.com while I was on spring break. I really find that website cool. And I've made a blog. It's called www.robotnews.synthasite.com it's all about the latest and coolest robots.  Now on a more serious matter.  Allyssa is supposeed to attack me tommorrow. And now Mariah's bragging about her having a "Major Planning System" for tommorrow and she's thinks tommorrow's battle is going to end the war. She says that her planning system will destroy me. Well,if Allyssa or any of her followers are reading this than I've got 3 words for you.....I have Colin. Allyssa probably dreams about having a bodygaurd as good as Colin! And Christian and Nick R. have formed a rebellion against me again!(for no good reason)  But,the way I see it every dog needs a master. They'll be back in a month tops.

*4-22-09:If you're reading this than you obviously know what I'm about to tell you. I won the battle today!! My army is no longer in the era of Nick R., Christian, and Billy. It is now in the era of Colin, Matthew M., and Billy. So many events occured in the battle that I can't tell you the whole story. A hilight of it is that I taunted allyssa a lot, was gaured well by colin,matthew m.,a couple other crazy people,actually got ATTACKED by nick R. (i didn't know how violent he could be),matthew made mariah go into a state of depression,christian told me off,and matthew tried to teach allyssa's shoes spanish!!! It was fun and crazy. It was actually a little challenging. I mean there was me and 4 or 5 other people vs Allyssa,half of her army,and a rebellion against me!! But,it was only a battle so allyssa and christian still want my head on a  silver plater. My favorite part was probably when matthew started teaching allyssa's shoes spanish. He fell over several times while chasing her! Good times.....

*4-23-09:Well that was quick... I didn't see christian today but I already got Nick R. back in my army! We were ambushed by allyssa's army today. But,no worries,we won today's battle as well. Mariah and Allysssa made a new battle strategy since I got my hands on the old one today.(special thanks to Matthew) Oh,and allyssa requested that I tell all of you that allyssa didn't read the angel experiment because it was on this site but because maureen reccommended it to her. We used to have an old wooden base. Allyssa toke that one but we got a new metal one!! Cody started yelling "Can't burn this one down,can you?!" and then I said "Someone give me a match!!" I haven't been feeling to well today so I'm going to get off and get some rest I'll update you on anything I forgot to tell you today as soon as I feel better. Probably just my allergies.

*4-24-09:Mariah left a comment on my website that says allyssa doesn't need a bodygaurd. Well 1) THat's untrue because everyone in allyssa's army protects her and 2) On a subject of who's stronger let me just say that I can do 17 push ups without messing up and allyssa can do 1.(yes it IS true) and matthew can do 40!!! (holly crap!) Mariah can do 18 and Courtney can do 1. Let me show you an esier to follow scale.

My side:




Allyssa's side:




Mariah has no leg to stand on if she thinks allyssa is stronger than me. Oh,and let me show you a cool but true army comparison:

My army:60

Allyssa's army:27

Christian's rebellion:3

In other words it's 60 vs 30.. We had another battle today and we never really finished it. Oh,and Someone told me they heard allyssa say that she doesn't care how many members I have; she just formed an army to chase me. More proof on allyssa's army being pointless. Now for the bad news, our metal army base has somehow gotten a bunch of bugs in it. So we couldn't use it much today because Bobby is a llergic to bees. Oh yeah,I figured out how to delete comments and allyssa still doesn't! I'm going to delete Mariah's comment.

*5-3-09:First of all I would like to say that I've added many entries to my blog www.robotnews.synthasite.com . Now let me say something more saddening. Christian left a comment on my website which I deleted,naturally. It said that matthew needs to stop "kissing up to me" and that matthew bullies christian!! If you ask me that is pretty freakin outrageous!!!!!!! Well in Matthew's defense here is my response to that comment:

1)Matthew does not kiss up to me!! Kissing up to me would be helping me and then asking for everything they want and saying that if I don't give it to me they'll go against me!(reminds me of a certain someone) I call it the sweet and sour technique. First be helpful then try to rule your leader. And matthew does NOT do that!!! Matthew has always obeyed me! All that matthew has does is show respect to the person he should! ME!!! Mattheww knows that if he helps me he is helping the future of the Earth. There is a difference between showing respect and "kissing up". If anyone ever kissed up to me it was you,christian!

2)Here is the part that made me mad. Matthew bullying christian!! What the freak?! OK let's get this straight. First,christian makes a jerk out of himself and bullies me. Next,Matthew sees his leader being bullied for no good reason and decides to do what's right. Then,Matthew jumps into action and seperates christian and me. Finally,I escape and matthew takes care of christian. What do you think of that little story? Sounds like the hero is matthew!! And that story is exactly how it always happens!!! Pt that in your pipe and smoke it,christian!!

Oh,and the way I see it,christian would still be in my army if it weren't for mariah. Yep,christian told me he's only running his rebellion because he wants to impress mariah. So,I would like to thank mariah for causing me much grief and everyone else more war. As if they're wasn't enough of it.

*5-5-09:GREAT news!!!!!!! Christian has quit allyssa's army and joined mine!! Which also means all of christian's little third graders joined, too!!! Christian said he was bored with allyssa's army and allyssa didn't appreciate him. He said he would join if I let him have canada whae i take over the world. I said yes,as long as he saved some of the cnadian bacon for me. He agreed. Which means we have 80 members now!!!!! That's a new record! And keep checking out my blog www.robotnews.synthasite.com . I wrote an article about a bomb disposal robot that I got to see while I boy scout camping near the state police academy.

*5-9-09:OK,I've got to type a lot of stuff in very little time so I'm not going to be very descriptive. Christian R. quit my army which means so does all of his little 3rd graders. Mariah's hate for matthew has gotten a little out of control. You can see a threat that she made to him on allyssasarmy.synthasite.com. Personally,I think mariah is jealous of matthew. So,we've had a huge member loss and christian started his own army AGAIN. This is such a habit for him I'm not even going to waste my time with him. Anyway,here's the army comparison.



Cristian R.:18

Mariah will not quit leaving rude comments on my website. But,I know how to delete them. :) I'm going to be making a lot of updates to robotnews.synthasite.com this weekend. I got a new 35mm camera and it's a good thing,too because my little digital camera sucks. I don't think it has a flash,though. I have no idea why I'm talking about cameras but my new one is really cool. Wow,I typed all of that with 6 minutes to spare!

*5-24-09:I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!! I haven't updated this website for so long. Time just hasn't allowed me to update this site. I've got a lot to tell you about. Since there are only 8 days of school left,I don't think there will be any winner of the war this year. Allyssa's been going at me for two years with her army of 27.(and i'm sure that whole army is sorry they joined) Oh,god,I can't wait for mariah to comment on that! :) Anyway we've got 63 and Allyssa has 27. Mariah may want to watch her back because I still have to get revenge on her. Mariah,it's going to happen soon,very soon. I've been reading a series of books called Robozones. It's given me some good ideas for our robot army. Speaking of robots I've made a few updates to www.robotnews.synthasite.com . And if you think you'll be bored this summer check out my site www.ubored.synthasite.com . 650 fun activities for when you're bored! And,one of Allyssa's more inactive members is trying to get involved. But for a wierd reason. Katelyn Sheltz saw my website and now she's mad at me for trying to use ducks in war!! lol. So far her protest hasn't had any effect.

*6-4-09:Allyssa made major updates to her site now here are my comments on it:

Home:What the frik??? Your catch phrase is....well i don't really know. what is it supposed to mean?

The so called evil One: OK,the whole gaurd dog tyhing was just a joke. But even if it was serious here is my argument. Fir shiloh:  1) Ok,since he's nice to people and comes up to them and makes a lot of noise. That would be a good way to alert me. 2)He's not an alcoholic and even if he were, what would it matter? He's a DOG!!!! It's different from humans. 3)Where did you come up with the idea of alcohol. Pretty stupid.  Now for recee: 1)since you make fun of me and I always have a better comeback you reside to making fun of my innocent dogs. you're so coldhearted. 2)And evne though she does get scared if you come within those 10 feet, she goes crazy!!!!!!! so yeah I agree with you. I do have pretty good dogs. Ok,now about Italy. I have rome and italy seperate because I want a ruler of Italy (like a president) and someone who looks after rome (like a governer). So,if anyone is stupid it's you for causing this misunderstanding!!!!!! So,no I'm not an idiot; I've know that rome is part of italy this whole time. It was you that forgot that I could hire a governer!! You might want to study up on 3rd grade polotics allyssa!!! :) Plus, YOU spelled dumb wrong. And I'm giving Italy to Madonna for the following reasons: 1)Madonna is Italian. 2)There was recently a really bad earthquake in Venice,Italy. Madonna donated a HUGE amount of money to the survivors. THat is the kind of compassion that a country needs. Allyssa would probably give Italy to Bin Ladin or something!!! :)

Bounties:My frozen caveman bounty has been higher than yours forever now!!!!!!!!!!!!

News bulletin:First of all, I would like to thank Evil Monkey Sister. She has saved me a lot of time!!! (clap clap clap) Allyssa was reading VAMPIRE books!!! I could say a lot about that but I think I'll let the public make their own comments. (I'll talk more about allyssa wanting to take over the world later)

Newest Plans: Here is where allyssa posts her plans for world domination. She wants Germany!!! She's finally allowing her German blood to flow through her veins!! congratulations Allyssa!!!! Allyssa, how may time have I said that I'm trying to take over the world to change things for the better!!!!! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always talk about being evil because that's what it will appear when I obtain such an immense amount of power by taking over the world. Here is an example. If you watch dragon ball z you'll understand it. Goku has so much power anybody would call him wicked. But he destroys the evil guys in an evil way!!!! Same thing with Light from Death Note. This is the kind of evil i reffer to in myself! If that doesn't satisfy you than look at the What will Happen section of this website!!! I can see why I shouldn't give away USA but why Ireland,allyssa??? Again,allyssa's not making any sense. And what is your master plan for world domination,allyssa???? Have your vampires bite everyone?!!!?? lol :D Oooooooooooooo,SCARY.

To sum it all up....I have proved allyssa's updates wrong.

*6-24-09: I'm having a pretty good summer. The army has increased to 66 members!!!!!!! Other than that nothing much has happened. Be sure to keep checking out www.robotnews.synthasite.com .

*6-26-09: I've got a new idea for our future HQ and bigger bases. On the top of them in case of evacuation we will have several escape pods ready to fly. They will probably be the Billy's Army's Pods that I have a design for but as of right now don't have the time nor the resources to build. And at the entrance we will have static lasers that will be controlled by somebody at a lookout post. when somebody unauthorized tries to come in the door they'll get zapped away!!! (that idea applies for all our bases) Also, I will create training camps for my ninjas that will teach them intense hand to hand combat, how to properly use their weapons, how to keep good balance, and good stealth. Also, I've made some changes to our uniform designs. Here they are:

Instead of everyone wearing classic black they will wear colors that show their rank.

Baby Griffin-Wing 3rd Lv.- Purple

Griffin Trainer-Officer- Classic Black and White

Captain-Veteran- Gold

Me- Gold and Silver

(all ninjas will wear classic black no matter what their rank is when they are in the feild or in training camp)

And at some point our army will have a Marines, Airforce, Navy, and an Army. We really don't need a coastguard or national guard.

*7-5-09: Well as we all know Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrrest and billy mays died of a heart attack. And one of the more recent deaths that I'm actually upset over is the death of steve mcnare. He was found shot inside of his condo. He used to play for my favorite football team, the baltimore ravens. Anyway keep checking out www.robotnews.synthasite.com . I've made a LOT of updates to it. And allyssa hasn't updated her website the whole summer. I think this battle is as good as done. And if anybody who wants to join the army says so in the comment box please leave your 1st name.

*10-9-09: Hey, haven't written to this for a long time. Sorry. I've updated robotnews.synthasite.com a little bit. Also I've updated the weapons, transportation, and communication sections on this website. And we've gotten a lot of new members. I've got almost $100 dollars of birthday money left. There's still a little bit of room in my budget so I might get some equipment for us. Not much else has happened. The following events that I promised are going to be posponed for a while: Duck recruit for duck army and Billy's Army BBQ of Doom!!!!  Sorry.

*10-11-09: Ok, I've got a lot of new ideas for our army. When you become a Billy's army Veteran you will get a Billy's Army Dagger. On the handle it will have 3 pictures: at the bottom will be a griffin, in the middle will be the german flag, and on the top there will be the Billy's Army Symbol. The dagger is to be considered a veteran's prized possesion for life. But, first I'm going to have to buy some daggers. Also, I will have certain members that I choose (they'll probably all be veterans) learn astrology and/or philosopy.  And to become a veteran you must be able to prove that you are of german heritage back to 1780. This law won't go into effect until 2011. Also, starting in 2010 we will have festivals for the summer and winter solctises. And we will also incorporate Greece and Norse mythology into some of our traditions, festivals, etc. That's all for now.......

*10-17-09: We now have 80 members. And I'm about to make the biggest chang to Billy's army ever. First of all we will be changing our name to Billy's Empire. Then, there will be four divisions in Billy's empire. There will be the colin division which half of the army members will go to. The Matthew M. division which another half will go to. The Nerd army which a few will join. and the Skittles division which even less will go to. I'm still working on which division gets who. Now your probably wondering about symbols. The original B.A symbol will go to Colin's division. The Matthew M. division gets the symbol of jupiter:

The symbol for the nerd army will be a pair of glasses. And the skittles division will be of course a skittle.  And now your probably wondering about the dagger I recently introduced. It will now have the original B.A. symbol, the Billy's Empire griffin, and the symbol of jupiter on it. I'm trying to make this transition as easy as possible.

11-11-09: Hey what's up? I haven't posted for a while and today i had a discussion with Dakota and I go some new ideas. First off I would like to say that I have deleted the closed polls in the polls section so i need you to remember these few things. We will create a wired virus, a sun blocker, and a deathray. We will kidnap the CEO of yahoo!. We will recruit smart people for our empire. (remember it's called billy's empire now) We will kidnap the CEO of google. Our future base will be solar powered. We will blow up switzerland. We decided that england would beat ireland and india in a war. And in case you forgot here is how your uniform color will be decided:

Baby Griffin-Wing 3rd Lv.- Purple

Griffin Trainer-Officer- Classic Black and White

Captain-Veteran- Gold

Me- Gold and Silver

(all ninjas will wear classic black no matter what their rank is when they are in the feild or in training camp)

But there are still three polls left to be decided! Vote now. Also I have decided to take the nerd divsion out due to lack of interest. So now we have three divisions left. Luckily, there will be no change to the veterans' dagger. Here's a link to the website I made for the skittles division: www.skittlesfanclub.yolasite.com . and here's a link for a website i recently made about how YOU can take over the world: www.httotw.webs.com .(just know if me and you have a battle I will win so better be careful for when you put the plan in action.) I've also planned our attack on Russia. First we will destroy wherever their best weapons are stored. Then we will destroy moscow. Shortly after we will blow up all of their power plants. Then we will destroy whatever is left. Easy enough right?!  Happy veteran's day!!!

*11-22-09: Hey everybody what's up? I've got some more major adjustments for you. Here wew go. Let's start with conditions to become a veteran:

1. Must be able to do 35 situps a minute.

2. Able to do at least 21 pushups without messing up.

3. Must be 58" tall.(at the age of 12 height for other ages my vary)

4. Must be able to proove Billy's Empire heritage back five generations. (percentages of heritage may vary)

You can serve for:

(a) forever unless you are fired

(b) four years

(c) twelve years

You must be at least eleven years of age become a VETERAN. Anyone younger is either one of the other ranks or training to become a veteran which is called William Youth. When they become eleven they will train for a month and take a couple tests. If they past the first tests they are are a pilimanary veteran. They will train another two months and take some harder tests, and if they graduate they will become a true veteran. They also must have an IQ of 127 or more.

These requirements won't go into effect until 2011 so if you don't fit them you still have a little time. (current veterans will not have to be tested because they have already shown themselves worthy to current standards).

And here are the ten empire laws to live by:

1.Never harm an inhuman animal unless it's for survival food or self-defense.

2.Do not do drugs for recreation. No smoking or heavy drinking either.

3.If someone annoys while on your property, treat them cruely.

4.Do not steal unless it is a burden to your enemy.

5.Do not use Germany's name in vain.

6. Do not bother strangers. If one bothers you, ask him to stop. If he doesn't stop destroy him.

7. Show no mercy to communists.

8. Sho no mercy to those who harm to those who harm animals for sport or no reason at all.

9. Do not harm little children unless they fit into one of the two ctegories discussed in the passed two laws.

10.Curiosity may have killed the cat but at least the cat died a hero. do not be afraid to wonder and imagine.

Here is our motto:

"Ein Famalie,

 Ein Reich

 Ein Leiter."

That's german for "one family, one empire, one leader.".

I also want to build a giant stadium for gladiator battles. Only this won't be by choice this will be punishment for some. Some prisoners will be sent ot the stadium to lose their life to exotic creatures. The design will be based on the design of the gladiator stadiums used in rome. Tickets will be $5. That includes a drink, a bag of popcorn, and an all day pass. Now we just need to think of the exotic creatures we will use which i'm thinking of. Of course there will be griffins.

We will also build temples throughout Germany, Italy, and Greece for:




Saint Francis









(and the most important) Jesus Christ

I also want to restore America back to it's original people. That's right I'm bringing back the native american race. Anybody that is not at least 50% native american will be forced to go back to their home countrty. I myself am only about 5% native american but I don't have a problem that just means I'll go live in Germany just like I've always wanted. Somewhere in Germany I would like to have a few official Billy's empire buisiness buildnigs arranged in a way that looks like a Griffin. That way when someone flys over it they'll know they're in the great land of Germany. There will also be an education system in the new world that is more knowledgable than any other. But it will only be for those who truly want to learn. There will be a class or even a whole school for any subject a child wishes to pursue in life.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll get some new stuff soon. I need to talk to Dakota again th guy is really smart you know. By the way, I was at the grocery store today and I got Limited Edition Turkey hill German Chocolate Cake Flavored Ice cream! Mmmmmmmm....

*11-27-09:Hey I hope everyone had as great of a thanksgiving as me! I haven't talked to dakota for a while and colin won't respond to my emails so I haven't been very active. But MY brain has. Here are some new ideas:

We will build many many olive farms in Germany and Italy. And even though I am a fan of German architecture the Greek Perthenon will always have a special place in my heart. So we will restor the original one and build our own identical one. I've also been thinking about creating our own army olympics. All athletes will be aloud to come to a special training center. Here is what training will be like there: There will be pleasant music playing while you train. There will be mnay outdoor fields to practice in as well as the gymnasium. There will be free energy food such as grapes, figs, and goat cheese. (these methods are based on the ways the greeks trained) At the Olympic grounds there will be much to do. Of course you can watch the sports but I'll throw in a couple other things. Here are a few: There will be camping gruonds right next to the olympic grounds that you can stay at. There will be dinner parties where you can meet the athletes. There will be some vendors that will sell everything from snacks to camping equipment. Of course there will be lots of music and dancing. Well-known philosophers will give talks. And many poets will be there to share there latest poems. I will basically combine the intellectuals with the athletes to create the awesomest olympics EVER!!!! And it will be FREE to get in! And about a mile away from the olympic grounds there will be a special area of trees and within those trees there will be two temples. One for Zues and one for Hera. Speking of Zues we're going to build a statue of him. A huge one! It will be in Berlin. THe sculpture won't be much. just Zues sitting on a throne. But it will be HUGE! It will be covered in diamonds and rubies. Oh yeah, I haven't decided where the olympics will be but it will probably either be in Germany or Greece. The best trumpet players I can find will be at the olympics to announce the each event with their trumpets. Now for the events: There will be many races. There will be an event where we see who can throw a javelin the farthest. There will be the discus event. There will be long jumps. There wil also be wrestling. There will also be boxing. I might even include horse racing but we will need a seperate track. That's all I've got for the olympics.

We will have "sacred jewels" too. Those jewels will will be rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and opals. gold will also be sacred. Our cascets will be covered in gold and emeralds. Ok, now I'm done. Bye.

*11-28-09: I now have a chance to communicate with matthew. He sen't me a facebook friend request so hopefully I'll be able to talk to him more now. It was hard before beacuse he either doesn't check his email or just doesn't respond. And I've looked into my family history a little deeper on my dad's side.(that's where my german heritage comes from) The first of my german anscestors to come over to america came in the 1800's and he fought in the civil war. All before him on my line of heritage were raised in germany and were pure blood german. And most after him were married to german women even though they lived in america. This chain was however broken by my grandfather. So that would mean if my grandfather was pure blood which he was then my dad was the only un-pure blood german before me!

OK, now for ideas. As you can tell I've based a lot of ideas lately on ancient greek ways of life. Well, i'm out of those ideas. So here are some good old german ideas! Now, in 1528 the Turks' had a seige on Vienna, Austria and the threat spread throughout all of central Europe. Could Turkey be a biger threat to Germany then what we think. Sure this was sooooo long ago but germany started two world wars! Any country could and probably strike twice for any reason at any time! We just have to be on guard abou these things. And I'll tell you what the Turkish soldiers did seige Austria twice. Once in 1528 and once in 1683! And maybe we should set up some places to grow grain in germany because from 1800-1850 46% of the average german's diet was grain! That's almost half. But the grain thing didn't start just at 1800. It had been the major food source of germany since 1770! But in the mid 1840's consumption of potatoes rose so dramatically that potato blights led to famines and waves of emigration in the 1840's! Something similar to this happened in Ireland, too. From 1800-1850 animal products only made up about 12% percent of the average german's diet. So I'm sure I can take the greeks olive trees and the germans' grain and make something prosperous happen throughout Europe! Isn't history fun!

*12-13-09: Wow. We have set a new record. We now have 93 members! I'm astonished. Remember back in March when we had 55 members and i said I wanted 58 by Christmas?! Well Christmas is nearing and we were able to increase our empire to 93 members! I would like to say I'm very proud of ALL of you and I hope you have a happy holiday. You deserve it! Now we all know that there are three army divisions in the empire. Some of you are in matthew's, aome are in colin's, and some are in the skittle division. But some of you don't have a division so that is why I'm adding a new division. This division will be called the Others. No division leader, no special purpose, no really important projects but they will serve a purpose. They all are still members of our empire nevertheless. They will consist of baby griffins and wing 1st levels. We also need to talk about a couple other things:

Animals we will use for our gladiator matches

buisiness divisions

countries to conquer

i'll start with the shortest one, countries to conquer. One of our first actions will be to conquer Chad with bribes. Then take the violent country over to the very peaceful country of new zeland and conquer new zeland. Those are two new countries I've decide to conquer. Now I'm going to wait on the other two because I still have a little research to do to complete them but I'll let you know when I'm done ASAP.

*1-17-10: OMG I'm sooo sorry I haven't posted for a while. I know I never really finished my last post. :( i hope everybody had a good new years. I know I did. Anyway this is my first post of 2010! My first post was over a year ago and Billy's Empire has been around since sometime in 2008! We've had many changes since then. Some good and some bad. However there is only one person who stayed with me from the beginning without feeling any doubt in me. He is loyal to me and I feel this person should be recognized. He is none other than....Colin. Thank you Colin! Now let's get down to business. Just today I came up with some new ideas here we go. Just in case global warming causes major damage during our plans I think we should make some flying boats. Just imagine this you're in a boat and it's a great day. Then all of the sudden a tidal wave comes! What are you going to do?! Well luckly you'll probably be in a flying boat so you can just fly away from the natural disaster! THe only problem is the money it will to take to produce just one of these things! Also we should build an artificial atomic star and crah it into Jupiter. We then use another machine to harness the energy of the collision and then transfer the energy into some sort of space cannon that we can use as a weapon of mass destruction. And of course I came up with some new weird animal army.(can't you tell i love animals) THe army of the day is an army of baboons. But it doesn't end there. What if we travel around the galaxy and find some mutated super-baboons! Just think about it. Next,we need to travel to Mars and form an army of of Alien-Ninja-Elephant-People!!! THAT would be awesome!!!!! And of course we'll travel around the galaxy and round up all of the cheeseburger eating-sea monsters!!! lol If we can't find any we'll make some!!!! I've thought up a new weapon,too.The mobile phone/gun. It looks like a phone, and most of the time it is a phone, but every now and then you might want to use the handgun application. :) These actually shouldn't be too expensive to make. Also please start gathering sturmgwehers, panzerfausts, and grenades because they will be used the most in our battles. I will also ask my ninjas to take yoga classes for flexibility. We will also need to make some new laser weapons. In this day and age nuclear weapons are getting all of the attention but we're going to take a step into the future and make a new generation of laser weapons!!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! We will have our less-intelligent troops stay at our moon base which will be the least important base. We could also use some guilotines. Let me know if you've got one lying around and would liek to donate it to us. WE will also form an army of jellyfish which will be stationed on Saturn. And there are a few jobs i think should be filled. They are Head of skittle distibutiona d consumption, chief of entertainment, co-chief of entertainment, animal advisor, head of soda distibution, chief of scientific experiment, war tactics advisor,musical advisor, moral advisor, and legal advisor. We also need mass amounts of uranium and plutonium.

We also need currency of the following kind: Yen, Peso, mexican dollar, canadian dollar, mark, uero, american dollar, and pound. We will need lots of all of them if we're going to be doing international business. And I've got some business divisions for us:

Radio Statio-We will start a radio station that palys the newest alternative rock!

TimTEch-A technology and computing company. Similar to Apple or Microsoft but we probably won't become as famous as them.

JRS-JRS stands for Jolly Rancher sellers. why jolly ranchers? Because they are hard to come across nowadays and most the people I know would do anything for jolly ranchers. They're in high demand right now.

Wrigley Company Franchise-We buy a small franchise of the Wrigley Company. We should make it as big as possible though becasue they are the makers of skittles!

Olive Farms-We will only build these in Greece. That's becasue they were originally made in Greece and the ancient Greeks loved olives. Olives aren't in high demand so I won't take the farms outside of Greece

Any of these catch your attention? Let me know what you thought of them. In case you forgot my email it's btgermanlover@gmail.com . So how's that for the first post of 2010? Sorry if I posted something twice. I wasn't keeping track.

*1-23-10: Has anybody heard the song "Everybody Wants to Rule World" by tears for Fears? Just wondering. I like it. Another question: Can anybody build a working Spartan Laser? If so, contact me. Enough chit-chat. I have something on the serious side to talk about. I have discovered a conspiracy. It's right in front of us, too. It is proof that computers are evil! Every computer, printer, item scanner, search engine and major social networking site are all working together to ruin our lives. Google knows more about you than you think and your computer knows everything you do! If one little detail about you enters a computer system it is sent to all of the other parts of the conspiracy and it will discover everything about you. I call this conspiracy The Machine. It's almost too late for us. I can't believe i didn't discover this until now and once the machine reads my warning it's going to be mad. Be careful with your information. Build a bunker and get a fake ID! The world is just a big supercomputer. The jokes on us.  Down with the Machine!!! and Broccoli!! Support icecream and cheescake, the machine hates icecream and cheesecake!!!

Just for the record anybody body who hates on Sponge Bob is hating on me!! Just thought you might want to know that in case you're thinking about making fun of sponge bob. I don't really have much to talk about today. 

*1-24-10: Newsflash: Anybody who joins our empire and works their way up to the captain rank gets a FREE BLACK TACO FROM TACO BELL. Taco Bell is awesome! That's really all I remember. I lost my list of things to talk about today. it wasn't very long though.

*2-19-10: We have added several nordic countries that were previously on our enemies list to our allies list because of there similarity in race to Germany. These countries include Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. However we are still enemies with Denmark. Anyway, I was at math field day yesterday.(this is my third year) My school may have ahd the best team I've ever been part of this year. It was my buddy James who is German, my friend Mikey who is Dutch and Italian, and me who is german and Italian. Notice something? WE WERE ALL ARYAN! I thought we had a chance. But none of us won :( or even placed for that matter. It disgusts me to say this but we were defeated by an asian kid. HOW CAN THREE ARYANS (the smartest race) BE DEFEATED BY AN ASIAN!!!?? I am very ashamed of my self and apologize to the Aryan community. I promise to study harder next time. We're 4 members way from 100! Theres one good thing for you! Other than that I don't really have anything to telse to tell you.





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