First you've got to get a cool evil name. There is your:

Regular name:The name you were given at birth. Mine is Billy.

Descriptive name:This name describes you. Mine is BtGermanlover

Sinister name:Generally the kind of name you see on a heavy metal album. This type of name is a synonym for evil. Mine is Master Doomskull.


Then you need a motive. What makes you be evil? Some common motives are:

Power (one of my motives)



Revenge (one of my motives)

Just being naturally evil


Next you need an evil laugh. This is one of the most important skills! Here are some good choices for your evil laugh:

Ha Ha Ha...

Muahahahahahahaha (my evil laugh)



Once you have decided upon your evil laugh begin to practice it every day. Soon you will be able to preform it with ease.

Good times to use your evil laugh:

When revealing your master plan.

During a bank robbery.

When destroying you worst enemy.

While standing over the bodies of your fallen enemies.

After your evil scheme succeeds.

When instructing your minions.

Before unleashing your weapon of extreme power.

Just as a super hero sneeks up behind you.

Anytime at all,pretty much.




All evil-doers need an objective to put their evilness toward. Here's a list of the most common objectives:

World domination (that's mine)

Destroy the Earth

To cause Misery


Now you need an evil career:

Criminal Mastermind (mine)

Corporate Butthead

Horror Movie Villain

Destroy the Earth kind of guy

Avatar for a god/demon



Now you need a location for your lair:


Giant Business Tower

Underground Secret HQ of Doom

Abandoned church

Fake Mountain


Amusement Park

Space Staion 


Evil Henchmen are important because no evil genius can accomplish anything without minions. Here's a list of evil henchmen:

Classic Thugs


Mutant Race


Computer Programmer

Animal Minions



And you have to dress evil to. Try out these evil fashions:

Classic Black

Supervillain costume

Robotic exoskeleton

Brain in a Jar

Super Computer


Never revealing your Face


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