I have discovered  another mastermind trying to take over the world. His name is buni. Yes,he IS a bunny. He has gotten much support on bebo. The main reason he's taking over the world is because his cousin got ran over and he doesn't want that to happen to another bunny EVER! So,let me just say that we support buni,but in the end I will be victorious!! Let me tell you a little bit about buni.

Buni's family:


Buni's cousin who is now squished buni

Buni's sister

Buni's brother

Money Buni

Grandpa Buni

Emo Buni

and Chavez Buni

Buni has a big family to support. And,all this buni stuff gives me an idea. I'll gather a bunch of bunny's and start my own bunny army! I think a reasonable goal is 247 bunnies. So,give me your bunnies!!! Also,you're probably wondering about my policy of wolves now so I'll tell to you. Wolves are welcome to join but they absolutely may NOT eat the bunnies!! Remember buni's cousin was hit by a car so if we ever got to war with buni,show mercy on him. Buni also loves m&m,just like all bunnies do!! I will disguise my bunnies by dressing them up in classic black so they'll be little bunny ninjas. I might disguise some of them as cats. :)

(")_(") This is buni.



( vv )


(")(")  Money Buni




('o') BUNI'S COUSIN (before she was ran over)


______________________ Buni's cousin who is now squished buni


I'm not sure how to make the rest of them. I'll try to find adesign for the rest. Let me know what you think of the designs. My email is btgermanlover@gmail.com

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