*Make potions.

*Make a couple quick bucks.

*Buy something on the army shopping list.

*Get the new Ant Hexbug.(it's a robotic ant!!! it comes out sometime this month)

*read "The 48 Laws of Power"

*Win a game of basketball

*Open a lemonade stand

*be rude and annoying

*make someone a pinata for their b-day...fill it with mac&cheese

*foil someone's plans (preferably allyssa's)

*order pizza and wings and delay the delivery so I get free pizza

*play chess

*go to an evil resteraunt

*throw an army BBQ...of DOOM!!!

*get my own weapon

*buy a thermometer (it has to do with a secret experiment)

To Do List...of EVIL!!! as of 4-5-09.


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