Floor 1:Hall,library,conservatory,billiard room,kitchen,ballroom,dining room,study,lounge

Floor 2:Gymnasium,kitchen,mess hall,control and observation room,hang-out area,offices,training room,security offices,weapon storage,combat situation room,lounge,mens' locker room,womens' locker room

Floor 3:living quarters,living quarters,monitoring station,ER,recovery room,surgery room,medilab,living quarters,living quarters,storage room,living quarters,living quarters,central core electrical and plumbing,living quarters,living quarters,common room,common room

Floor 4:laundry room,chemistry lab,forensic analysis room,lab administration,material storage,cold storage,material storage,weapons lab,engineering research and development,lounge,central entrance,cafeteria,computer hardware room,information processing area,security computer hardware room,away team administration,home team administration

Floor 5:male dorms,male dorms,female dorms,female dorms,male dorms,female dorms,robot dorms,robot dorms,alien dorms,alien dorms,robot dorms,alien dorms

Floor 6:Top Secret

Imagine this wrapped around in barbwire,a moat around it,and a bunch of wild creatures guarding it....that's what the outside of our base is going to look like. 

We are working on plans for bases in America and possibly one in Japan but the one described here will still be our main HQ. 

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